Dome Construction

The dome construction process allows for the economical construction of large span, column-free structures. Compared to more traditional construction methods, we offer advantages in construction cost, time, design flexibility, and working environment.

Dome Construction

The unique shape and resultant strength of our domes allows them to provide near absolute protection from tornadoes, hurricanes, and earthquakes. The essence of the dome’s efficiency is that it encloses the maximum amount of space with the least surface area. Also, domes are ideally suited for structures where open spaces are required as they are completely open span.

Specific to our dome structures, they are well suited for facilities that require wide-open space. The dome’s open span design means no columns to obscure visibility or interrupt valuable interior space.

For that reason, they are perfectly shaped for sporting facilities, schools and gymnasiums, arenas and auditoriums.

The interior buildout can safely support suspended features, such as balconies, mezzanines, walkways, press boxes, galleries, scoreboards, AV equipment, etc. Further, the dome shape delivers the maximum amount of space with the least surface area.

Advantages of the OTS Multi-Purpose Domes:

  • Multi-function use as a storm shelters or community safe room

  • Safety from hurricane / tornado winds in excess of 250 MPH

  • Advanced engineering and proprietary construction techniques

  • 30-35% reduction in energy consumption and costs

  • Speed to market via shorter construction process

  • Customizable open span floor plans

Cost-Conscious Facts about OTS Domes:

  • Lower materials costs – while made primarily of concrete and steel, OTS domes use 50-70% less materials than traditional buildings

  • Energy and maintenance costs generally run 50% less than traditional buildings

  • In the event of a disaster, you’ll face near zero damage in a dome, compared to the possibility of catastrophic damage and massive repair bills in a conventional structure.

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