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March 11, 2020 | Peter Fedele

Back in December of 2019, a new defense authorization bill was signed into law by President Trump. It outlines new requirements for our government to protect the U.S. from the dangers of EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse) attacks and similar threats to our critical infrastructure.

The general public understands these threats from what they’ve seen on TV or in movies; cars freezing up while the lights of a cityscape go black. Can anyone even imagine just one week – or a month - with the power grid down?

OTS knows that the science is real and the threat absolutely credible, with the first impact being the disruption (or even destruction) of most electronic devices across massive areas. That is only the beginning, if you can consider no access to banking or medical support and inoperable water and sewer service. 

Omni-Threat Structures (OTS) has been on the cutting edge of developing solutions, or rather mitigation strategies, for approximately 7 years now.  We have worked with industry experts, scientists, and our competitors to continue to innovate and deliver the kind of system and structures that will protect against EMP attacks and to make these solutions available to leaders within each sector of the nation’s critical infrastructure. 

To date, our work has been rewarded with the trust of giants in the power utility market. Methods range from onsite and offsite construction of pre-fabricated modules to panelization for smaller projects.

Our innovations allow us to construct multi-threat configurable structures, comprised of an integrated composite concrete Electromagnetic Shielding System (EMSS) that provides shielding that exceeds Mil STD 188-125.

A building by Omni-Threat Structures offers more than protection from the EMP threats including kinetic threats like blast, ballistic and natural (hurricanes and tornadoes). We are also able to pass on cost, time and maintenance savings over the more traditional steel structures. 

Our experience in the power grid has helped us refine saleable levels of shielding by utilizing varying thickness of panels and embedded shielding elements. We can design and construct from 40 dB to 100 dB.

As part of our on-going R&D and continuing drive for lower cost structures, OTS constructed a prototype building, OTS Integrated Shielded Test Structure, to validate the next generation of OTS EMSS materials and methods. We provided further proof that the shielded envelope can be 10 inches instead of the previous 12 inches. 

ATSI (Advanced Testing Services Inc), with 28 years of military and civilian testing experience, conducted the testing. Test results establishing Mil STD 188-125 shielding compliance are below:

1.5 Executive Summary 

MIL-STD-188-125-1 Appendix A acceptance testing was performed on one RF shielded enclosure, the OTS Integrated Shielded Test Structure known as OTS ISTS. This testing took place at Omni-Threat Structures located in Lakeland, Florida. Testing took place on December 4, 2019. with no deviations of MIL-STD-188-125-1 Appendix A. The OTS ISTS under test successfully satisfied all pass/fail criteria specified. 

2.0 OTS Integrated Shielded Test Structure Description 

The OTS Integrated Shielded Test Structure consists of a 10 inch thick cube of OTS proprietary, licensed conductive concrete mix with two embedded shielding grids. The approximate dimensions of the OTS Integrated Shielded Test Structure are 8’ x 8’ x 10’. One RF door and four WBC pipe penetrations installed as part of the RF shield barrier.

2020 is going to be a big year as our Federal agencies only have until June of 2020 to generate plans and procedures to proactively address the risks EMP attacks. We think that they have to remain vigilant, especially in light of disclosures about rogue nation states developing nuclear weapons to produce EMP attacks that would wipe out all electronic devices over hundreds of miles at a time.  

OTS will continue to support our colleagues in the industry in expanding knowledge about EMP threats as we work side by side with our clients to refine options to protect critical infrastructure. 

To that end, we welcome inquiries from the media or organizations seeking to further their understanding of EMP.

Thanks for reading.

Peter Fedele


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