Omni-Threat Structures, specializes in shielding concrete / shotcrete structures that provide protection from electromagnetic pulse (HEMP and IEMI), ballistic/blast, and event-driven missiles as well as natural threats, including Cat 5 hurricanes, EF-5 tornados, and seismic events.

Our buildings are designed to provide customer-defined levels of protection for critical infrastructure, power generating companies, the military, financial institutions, and other vulnerable industries.


Omni-Threat Structures, an American Business Continuity Group company, is involved in the research, development and construction of threat resistant structures.

Vertical Electromagnetic Pulse Simulator at the Naval Air Station, Patuxent River, Maryland

The Group Brings:

  • Three decades of success as a high integrity industrial General Contractor

  • A decade of success with specialized design-build hardened structures

  • Experience in the nuclear power industry, building Fukushima Flex/ Beyond Design Basis structures that meet Nuclear Regulatory Commission Regulatory Guide 1.76 standards

Building on a history of success in critical, high security environments, time sensitive construction and disaster recovery expertise, we have built ballistic resistant structures that protect from kinetic attacks, natural threats including Cat 5 hurricanes, EF-5 tornados, earthquakes, and event-driven missiles.

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