More About Omni-Threat Structures

Omni-Threat Structures, specializes in shielding concrete / shotcrete structures that provide protection from electromagnetic pulse (HEMP and IEMI), ballistic/blast, and event-driven missiles as well as natural threats, including Cat 5 hurricanes, EF-5 tornados, and seismic events.

Our buildings are designed to provide customer-defined levels of protection for critical infrastructure, power generating companies, the military, financial institutions, and other vulnerable industries.


Omni-Threat Structures, an American Business Continuity Group company, is involved in the research, development and construction of threat resistant structures.

Omni-Threat builds shielding concrete / shotcrete structures that protect against electromagnetic pulse attacks

Vertical Electromagnetic Pulse Simulator at the Naval Air Station, Patuxent River, Maryland

The Group Brings:

  • Three decades of success as a high integrity industrial General Contractor

  • A decade of success with specialized design-build hardened structures

  • Experience in the nuclear power industry, building Fukushima Flex/ Beyond Design Basis structures that meet Nuclear Regulatory Commission Regulatory Guide 1.76 standards

Building on a history of success in critical, high security environments, time sensitive construction and disaster recovery expertise, we have built ballistic resistant structures that protect from kinetic attacks, natural threats including Cat 5 hurricanes, EF-5 tornados, earthquakes, and event-driven missiles.

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