Rigorous Testing For Comprehensive HEMP & IEMI Protection

Electromagnetic Shielding

Omni-Threat Structures is committed to rigorous testing and has a complete set of shielding testing equipment and expert personnel to conduct tests and interpret the results. OTS also conducts shielding effectiveness testing for its R&D projects, and has confirmed 3rd party testing of its initial R&D products. Shielding concrete strength and materials testing is part of the company’s routine testing procedures.


Omni-Threat Structures’ ballistic testing results demonstrated that 4” unreinforced shielding concrete meets UL752 Level 7, (5) 55gr 5.56mm NATO FMJ Rounds in 4.5” x 4.5” square pattern. Greater thickness can accommodate up to .50 Cal BMG rounds, UL752 Level 10+.

Sample Ballistic Test Report

Blast Resistant Design
Shock Tube & Frame

At 4 inches, non-reinforced, meets NIJ7.5.56 mm NATO in a 12 inch X 12 inch target area with less than 50% penetration.

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