Dome Division

Omni-Threat Structures’ Dome and Shelter Division builds multi-purpose, highly functional, sustainable and supremely safe hardened facilities.

Domes by Omni-Threat

Built to ICC 500, FEMA 361 and NSSA standards, our economical steel-reinforced concrete structures provide near absolute protection from:

  • EF-5 Tornados

  • Cat 5 Hurricanes

  • Earthquakes

  • Fires

  • Extreme Wind

Behind every OTS structure is a strong and versatile team with decades of combined experience in the ownership, development, engineering, construction and turnkey project management of disaster resistant structures.

From our hybrid tilt-wall / cast-in-place concrete structures to domes, the self-performing, flexible and responsive OTS team works with clients through planning, design and engineering, subsequently mobilizing staff and deploying its own concrete batching and erection equipment. The experience is efficient and cost-effective. The result is a disaster-resistant structure that is built to last a lifetime while performing a valuable community service.

As a team we have:

  • Decades of disaster mitigation experience

  • In-depth experience in Tornado Alley building FEMA-compliant* dome structures

  • As the only dome builder, earned the Producer Member qualification of the National Storm Shelter Association (NSSA)

Dome Team


Years of R&D have been conducted by both Omni-Threat Structures and our predecessor company to develop the construction methods that we currently deploy in building hardened facilities. Our work grew out of experience of our affiliated company, Golden Sands General Contractors, which was continually faced with the daunting challenges that their clients experienced in the devastating aftermath of natural disasters including hurricanes, tornadoes and fires.

Domes by Omni-Threat

We began developing hardened structures initially to respond to that critical need and subsequently developed wholly owned domes and leased secure storage space to clients in the financial industry. Our strategic locations allowed us to effectively structure command centers from which to deploy in the event of a disaster. This model has been testing time and time again as we’ve responded to Hurricanes Ike, Katrina and Sandy to fires and tornadoes in recent years.

Since then, our team has developed data storage domes, FEMA-compliant multi-purpose community safe room/shelter domes and has also worked in ultra-high security, heavily regulated industries including power utilities.

We continue to innovate in order to meet the growing demand for the most secure, economical, environmentally sound, disaster resistant commercial real estate on earth.

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