Power Grid Security

Transmission Operations Center: Confidential Client, Texas

SCADA Rooms (Supervisory Control & Data Acquisition) (Image courtesy of Robert E. Lamb, Inc.)

Omni-Threat Structures provide pragmatic, cost-effective solutions:

  • Distributed Omni-Threat shelters for secure storage of replacement electronic devices, including test equipment and diagnostic sensors for a grid black start

  • Regional occupied command centers for emergency response

EMP & IEMI threats to US Electric Grid:

  • Substations – buildings, trenches & perimeter walls

  • Disaster Recovery Facilities

  • Operations Control Buildings

  • SCADA Rooms (Supervisory Control & Data Acquisition)

  • Electric Power Generating Plants

US Powergrid Map

Military Security

Physically secure / hardened facilities

  • High value asset protection facilities, e.g. aircraft

  • Command and control operation centers

  • Tempest data-communications centers


Homeland Security national priority

National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2017 / NDAA 2017 Energy Savings and EMP Provisions

  • Energy Sector

  • Water & Wastewater Systems Sector

  • Food & Agriculture Sector

  • Communications Sector

  • Transportation Systems Sector

  • Emergency Services Sector

  • Defense Sector including Micro-Grids

  • Chemical Sector

  • Commercial Facilities Sector

  • Critical Manufacturing Sector

  • Dams Sector

  • Financial Services Sector

  • Government Facilities Sector

  • Healthcare & Public Health Sector

  • Information Technology Sector

  • Nuclear Reactors, Materials & Waste Sector

  • Sector-Specific Agencies

Omni-Threat shelters for damage prevention

  • Critical operations and control systems

Omni-Threat shelters for rapid disaster recovery

  • First responder command and control centers

  • Emergency equipment and supplies

  • All electronic operational and diagnostic recovery equipment

Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) Protection and Restoration Guidelines for Equipment and Facilities

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