Lisa Schunack

Lisa Schunack

Director of Marketing

Lisa Schunack is the Director of Marketing for both American Business Continuity Group and Golden Sands General Contractors. She was instrumental in establishing the company’s Fukushima Response Team, which was responsible for capturing ten percent of a national niche market in less than a year and has been part of an executive team that has guided the expansion of Golden Sands to a national company.

A 30-year marketing veteran and accomplished marketing generalist, Lisa previously provided strategic marketing services for commercial real estate and hospitality corporations in Manhattan, San Francisco and Miami through Biegen Schunack, Inc. Lisa, who holds a BA from Rutgers College, launched advertising agency Biegen Schunack Inc. in 1997, and successfully served local, regional and national clients including Flagler, Taylor and Mathis, Cushman and Wakefield, First Industrial Realty Trust, and Trane. She serves on the marketing committees of the PACE Center for Girls, Miami and the Golden Sands Charitable Foundation.

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